freelance makeup artist // skincare specialist // men's groomer

Growing up, skincare and makeup got me through some of my hardest moments in life. For as long as I can remember, whenever I felt down, I went to makeup, nails, facials, etc. to lift myself back up again. Then, I started doing it with friends and family. Whenever my dad had a hard day at work, I offered to give him a mani and pedi. Girlfriends and I who just had their hearts broken, we did facials to get through the pain. From there, I knew I was destined to help others in this way. 

I continued to pursue makeup after high school. At Eric Fisher Academy, I learned about advanced skincare and how to perform facials, how to start my own business and build a clientele, and most importantly, it was where I made my first makeup portfolio. Beauty school showed me how to be a professional in this industry, and to take what I do seriously, even if I had loads of fun doing it. 

After receiving my license in Esthetics, I went straight to MAC Cosmetics. They are still to this day, one of the only brands that makes the majority of their products for the working professional. Working for MAC helped me unlock my creative abilities and define myself as an artist. It was also the first place I built a clientele. I realized that if you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you. Once I had those two things, I felt like I could do anything! 

I took all that confidence with me and moved to Los Angeles. I started working for Charlotte Tilbury - another major league player in the beauty industry. Charlotte taught me refined beauty and a glimpse of the glamorous life. I worked fashion shows, did makeup on celebrities for award shows, and worked side by side amongst artists I’ve always looked up to. It was an incredible experience to be a part of Charlotte’s vision and she taught me how to dream big. 

With seven years of experience later, I'm currently working as a freelance makeup artist. I specialize in red carpet makeup, natural makeup, men’s grooming, and weddings. 

Makeup is for sure my purpose. In my work, I lead with gratitude that I am being entrusted in someone else's image and/or vision. I believe what I do is more than just a job but an opportunity to provide self love and confidence, and make ideas come to life.

Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you!